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Delivery Delays may affect your order. Find out more here >

Invacare Hygiene Slings (Dress Toileting)

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The Invacare Sling Range offers safe, supportive and comfortable transfers for the user, as well as being intuitive and easy to handle for the carer. 

The Invacare Hygiene comes in High and Low options. Designed to facilitate toileting with a wide opening. Supports the whole body, High option also supports head. Comes in a Solid Polyester (aka Fabric), a hard-wearing material that is easy to apply. 

Key Features: 

  • Can be used for seated to seated transfers.
  • Suitable for those with limited control of head, trunk and hips.
  • Compatible with full Invacare Birdie Evo Range.

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Providing The Optimal Fit.

Providing The Optimal Fit.

Designed to offer the most comfortable, safe and supportive transfer, the Invacare Sling Range are intuitive and easy to use for carers too!

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Invacare Slings Key Features

Invacare Slings Key Features

1. Handles to assist with positioning.

2. Centre-line markers to indicate where spine should be.

3. Coloured loops to aid correct selection.

4. Positioning pocket to support user when in sitting position.